The O'Keefe Christmas Village


One of the big attractions in Southeast is the O'Keefe Christmas Village. This village, owned by Mr. Adrian O'Keefe and his family, is a showcase of every Christmas scene you could imagine, and every possible cartoon character you could imagine. Usually every year a new character, with all the trimmings, is added to the display. This new character is usually a very popular cartoon character - one which all kids will love. And speaking of kids, they love to walk through the Christmas village with their families during the Christmas season.

This village was first started at Adrian's parents' house in 1963. At that time the display consisted of a Santa Claus and Reindeer set, and Frosty the Snowman. In 1964 the first motorized display was set up which was his Santa Claus, waving his hand. Christmas music was also added that year.

In 1966 a Nativity scene was added to the display. Then in 1971 when Adrian and Kitty got married they moved the display to their new home where it is still located today.

Visitors to the scene can now enjoy approximately 37 beautiful displays, almost all of which have some characters with moving parts, and some of the houses have characters located inside them. Individual sound tracks have been added to the characters to add life to the displays.

The various displays are situated all around the O'Keefe property, with several on the front lawn, others nestled in the trees along the road side, and others following a path through the wooded area on the property. People love to stop at various sites and listen to the interesting sounds and voices.  Both children and adults love to listen to the voices of their favorite characters or the singing of the carollers.


People are welcome to visit the village at their leisure any evening during the entire Christmas season.

The best way to describe this village is to simply say it is a masterpiece - a work of art.

Go into the galleries we have set up to see some of the displays in the O'Keefe Christmas Village. Adrian's work is so detailed that the pictures in those galleries may even look like paintings or appear to have store bought parts. However, all displays, with their characters, houses, etc. were homemade, out of wood,  and then painted by Adrian and his family. As well, Adrian has put motion and sound in all of these displays, with the characters waving or moving in some fashion.  The sounds vary depending on the display. For example, he has the cartoon voices of Tweedy Bird, the Grench, the Three Little Pigs, etc. to match the displays of each of these. Every display has the accompanying sound !! The site is simply a work of art!

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