The Placentia Area 
                Arts, Music, and Culture

The following project was completed by several classes at Laval as a REDAS (Regional Economic Development and Schools) Project  during the 2001 - 2002 school year under the direction of teacher coordinator, Mrs. Mary Moore. Throughout the site are several video and sound clippings.  Even though these clippings are very short they may take a while to download, depending on your Internet connection.

About our Area - Where we are Located


Arts and Culture in Our Area - Events and Festivals

Expressions of Art and Creativity(1)

Expressions of Art and Creativity(2)

Expressions of Musical Talent (1)

Expressions of Musical Talent (2)

Talented Youth

Short Video Clippings of Arts, Cultute, and Music in the Placentia Area

Video Clippings of Laval Musical 2002

Video Clippings of Laval Musical 2001

Customs/Culture of the Past

Some Interactive Activities

A Few 'Cultural' Recipes of the Placentia Area

These pages reflect just some of the cultural events and talented people in the Placentia area. Most of  the profiles on this site were created by students doing course projects or by community members who responded to the call for submissions. We thank everyone who contributed in any way to this site. We know there are many other talents that are not showcased here, but hopefully will be submitted if this project becomes open again for submissions in the future.

Thank you, From teacher coordinator - Mrs. Mary Moore

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This page is part of a project created by Laval High School students entitled "Arts, Culture and Music of the Placentia Area".  Last edited January, 2004.