Brief History of Guiding in Dunville

Girl Guides first started in Dunville in the Spring of 1960 and has continued without interruption since that time. The first Girl Guide Unit was sponsored by St. Anne's with Mrs. G. Mandville as the first District Commissioner.

Guiding has always been associated with community service, and in recent years the girls have been involved in such activities as cleaning the churches, cutting wood for senior citizens, visiting the hospital and senior citizen homes, and helping other organizations in many ways.

Camping has always played an important role in Guiding and is usually the highlight of the year. On average 65 girls attend camp annually. In recent years six Rangers and their leaders have visited Expo, five Rangers have attended Rendezvous 86 in Gander and still another has attended Experience It, an Interprovincial Conference for members of Scouting and Guiding. Three girls were accepted for Echo Valley, an International Camp held in Saskatchewan in 1988.



The Town of Dunville: 25th Anniversary Souvenir Program.(1988). Produced by the Town of Dunville.

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