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 Mayor of the Town of Placentia - Mrs. Bride McLennon

Meet our MHA - Mr. Fabian Manning

Meet our MP - Mr. Loyla Hearn


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This Page is part of a Historical and Cultural Web Site created by students of Laval High School, Placentia, NFLD (A0B 2Y0). This page was first created Nov/99. Most recent update - Jan/2004.

Teacher Coordinator - Mrs. M. Moore

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Index of Topics

Argentia - A Historic Look
Argentia - Prior to WW2
Argentia - Early Employment
Birth Customs

Castle Hill (French)
Christian Brothers in Plac. 
Courting and Marriage
Crossing the Placentia Gut

Death and Wakes
Drama - Faces of
Town Fire Department
Games of Olden Days
Great Placentia Flood
Guiding in Dunville
Historic Quilt
History of Plac. Magistrates
History of Laval High School

Kinsmen & Kinettes
Lion's Club - Lioness Club
Mr. Tom Traverse/Regatta
Mrs. Houlihan/Book Uprooted

Old Article - An Old Road
Old Article - Water Supply
Old Article - Pres. Convent
Old Article - Soldier Boys

Place Names
Placentia Lions Club
Plac. Area Historical Society

Poem-Argentia Prior to WW2
Poem-Bridge of Placentia Gut
Poem - How Dunville Grew

Religious Life
Removal of Cemetries
Roman Catholic Church
School Customs

Special Occasions
The Basques
The French in Placentia
The English Arrival
Time Line of Events

U. S. Naval Base-Events '40's
U.S. Naval Base - Drydock
U.S. Naval Base-Blimp Squad

Weather Lore
Weather Disasters
Women's Institute

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