Timeline of Events - Placentia Area

The following information was donated by The Placentia Historical Society:


1542 First map showing the name Plaisance.

1662 The first 80 French settlers arrived at Placentia under Nicholas Gargot de la Rochette, Comte de Plaisance. The French garrison Placentia for the first time.


1691 Fort Louis is constructed at Jerseyside.


1693 Fort Royal is begun on Castle Hill.


1696 Pierre le Moyne d'Iberville uses Plaisance to stage raids on English fishing stations on the Avalon Peninsula.


1713 By the Treaty of Utrecht Placentia is turned over to the English.


1778 Population of Placentia and area estimated at 1500 people.


1788 Firm of Saunders and Sweetman established.


1811 Garrison at Castle Hill abandoned.


1850 Patrick Kemp begins a ferry service between Placentia and Jerseyside.


1855 Road constructed between Placentia and St. John's.


1859 Firm of Saunders and Sweetman fails.


1878 Star of the Sea lodge founded.


1888 Placentia branch railway opens, with its terminal at Jerseyside.


1904 Major flood.


1941 Construction begins on the Argentia naval base. The people of Argentia and Marquise are resettled to Freshwater and Dunville.


1954 Beginning of the first Resettlement Program. Between 1954 and 1972 large number of people are resettled to Placentia and area, largely from the islands of Placentia Bay.


1968 Gulf ferry run to Argentia begins.


1973 Castle Hill declared a National Historic Park.


1994 Argentia naval base closes permanently.


1996 Announcement of a smelter to be build in Argentia on the former naval base/ Opening of new hospital in Placentia.


1997 Announcement of new arena for Placentia area.


Source: Placentia Historical Society, Placentia.(1997).

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